Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party

My family had our annual Christmas party on Saturday night and this year it was an ugly sweater contest. It was hilarious!!! I can't believe how many UGLY things people were able to find. Bless the DI!! We had a judge come in and we all had to parade in front of them and then they decided who won. My cousing Megan won cash and I can't remember what her category was but her vest had Ragedy Ann and Andy on it-it was hideous!! Her friend Jess won best accessories-she had a huge tule bow in her hair and nasty socks. My cousin Josh won-I don't remember his category either- but he bought a maternity sweater at the DI in Preston. It had hearts and fringe!! It was really bad!!! Trevor won best overall (I think?) and his was a hot pink turtle neck with a handmade vest. They were women's. He won a nights stay at the Hampton Inn. It was so fun. The pics just don't do us justice!! I think we need to do it every year!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I love cookies!!!

On Sunday Kevin's cousins brought us a plate of homemade goodies. (I look forward to it every year!!) It had all kinds of yummy homemade candy on it and of course Jorie saw it and was dying to have some. So of all things on the plate Kevin gave her an Oreo cookie dipped in red chocolate. She absolutely loved it and was being so funny while she was eating it. She would take a bite and then show us what was in her mouth and then she would just get a huge cheesy grin on her face. It was hilarious. Then she would try to share it with Kevin. We have been working on sharing, maybe it's working! Funny girl!!

Kevin's Mountain Lion

Oh how I love being married to a mighty hunter!! Kevin got a Mountain Lion again this year. It's a pretty good one.....I think. I don't know that much about it but it looks big to me. It looked like it had been fighting, it some pretty big scars on it's head. He was quite excited. I don't love when it's laying on the garage floor and I have to go out to feed the dogs. I don't like it looking at me, I keep waiting for it to get me!! :) They are huge!! Very pretty too!! Good job Kev, now will you stay home with me? Hahaha!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cute Cousin Coop

Isn't he too cute? He is hilarious. Last sunday night at my mom's he wouldn't eat any dinner because he kept telling us that everything was HOT but wouldn't you know that he could lick the frosting off the spatula? Funny how that wasn't too hot!! He loved to play in the cupboard under my mom's stairs. It was pitch black in there and he just wanted to go sit in there. I was teasing Trevor and Megan that they must lock him in a closet at home and that's why he's so comfortable in one. Kevin fell asleep on the couch and Coop walked over and hit him and yelled "Hey!" and laughed and ran off when Kevin jumped! Too funny. We love him!!!

Last Sunday

Last Sunday was my mom's birthday so we went over to her house for dinner and to put her Christmas decorations. Jorie and Cooper are so funny to watch. He is a ton bigger than her and they tell eachother "No" a lot. Kelli gave them both the books from Hallmark that you record yourself reading the story. It's "The night before Christmas." Jorie LOVES hers. She opens it and walks around while Kelli reads the story. When the page is done she changes it to the next one and walks around some more. She loves Kelli!!! Don't the boys look like they are having fun? They are all a big bunch of party poopers!!!! Happy Birthday Mom!!! You're the best!!! We love you!!

New favorite book

So Jorie LOVES to read. She will go sit in the corner where her books are and she will read for a long time all by herself. It's really nice!! :) Well I had to run to family dollar the other day and they gave me a toy add. Jorie absolutely LOVES it. She looks at it seriously about 10 times a day. Dora is in there 3 times and she knows exactly where she is. She gets so excited. I don't know why I even bother buying things. Her favorite toys are laundry baskets and adds!! Too funny!

Dora with Dad

Jorie's favorite thing right now is anything that has Dora the Explorer on it. She gets so excited when she sees her. I have recorded a few episodes so she can watch them and the other night Kevin was nice enough to watch it with her. Don't they look so comfy? It's really funny when he starts singing along with all the songs. He knows them all!! That's a dedicated dad!!!